The BIG question: What makes the Dunhome QuantaSpray™ Portable disinfectant generator so amazing?
If this is such an amazing disinfectant why don’t you see electrolyzed water in stores?
Simple, because NaClO dissipates (think of bubbles in soda) after about 24 hours disinfecting power to reduced by PH levels balancing out like in a swimming pool. For instance a 25,000 gallon pool may take a week to neutralize PH,  the convenient DunHome QuantaSpray™ 6.5 oz spray bottle should be made fresh every day.  It’s so easy to make fresh disinfectant at home in minutes when you need it with the Dunhome QuantaSpray™ Portable disinfectant generator.  We sized DunHome spray bottle at 200ml, just under 7 ounces so that you can easily use it up within a day of cleaning and make plenty more when needed with only table salt and water.
The Dunhome QuantaSpray™ disinfectant spray is a Sodium Hypochlorite formula of NaClO, composed of one sodium (Na) atom, one chlorine (Cl) atom and one oxygen (O) atom during the electrolysis process.  The Dunhome QuantaSpray™ electrolytic self-made disinfection water generator is the quickest and safest way to disinfect daily!
Recipe For D-I-Y Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant:
Difficulty Level: As easy as making cool-aid!
  1. 3 grams of non-iodized food grade salt or kosher salt (3 Gram Spoon Provided)
  2. 200ml (6.76 fluid oz) of water
  • Step one: Mix the two ingredients.
  • Step Two: Add saltwater solution into the bottle of portable NaClO disinfectant generator
  • Step Three: Plug portable NaClO disinfectant generator into 5v USB power source
  • Step Four: Push power button on portable NaClO disinfectant generator
  • Step Five: Wait 2 minutes for cycle of electrolysis to complete before using solution as a disinfectant

Dunhome QuantaSpray™ portable disinfection water generator

The NaCLO generator by DUNHOME QuantaSpray™ makes D-I-Y disinfectant easy.  Just put water and salt in the bottle. Power on the system and in two minutes a cleaner and disinfectant is generated called Sodium Hypochlorite (NaOCl or NaClO) also known as electrolyzed saltwater the active ingredient in hypochlorous-acid (HOCl) sterilization solutions.
The DUNHOME QuantaSpray™ device generates a disinfectant solution with a PH Value of between 9.50 and 8.85 (depending on starting PH of tap water) through a 5V USB powered electrolysis process that causes a chemical reaction resulting in NaClO production using just regular tap water and 3 grams of non-iodized food grade salt to make up to a 250PPM mixture of NaClO in a 200ml portable spray bottle for environmentally friendly production of a powerful easy D-I-Y disinfectant.

How does the DUNHOME QuantaSpray™ portable D-I-Y disinfectant generator make Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant from salt water? 

Sodium Hypochlorite disinfectant water is a slightly acidic electrolytic water. When the sodium solution (Edible Salt and Tap Water) is electrolyzed, and the chloride ions on the anode are oxidized to generate chlorine gas.  The chlorine gas and water react to form NaClO or Sodium Hypochlorite.  NaClO is the active ingredient for hypochlorous-acid HOCl found in all 84 disinfectants NaClO +CO2= HCIO.


The DUNHOME QuantaSpray™ sanitizer making machine price is just right for personal household disinfectant manufacturing equipment.  Start disinfecting for pennies on the dollar!

History of Electrolysis

  • Michael Faraday founded the laws of electrolysis and it became commercially available in the 1870s.
  • Generating disinfectant water from the electro-chemical activation (ECA) of salt water was developed in the 1970s.
  • DUNHOME QuantaSpray™ creates the world’s most portable and effective NaClO generator on 5V USB power 2020
Electrolysis of water and Edible Salt (NaCl, or sodium chloride) produces aqueous sodium hydroxide and chlorine resulting in the active ingredients for hypochlorous-acid (HCIO) which makes the Sodium Hypochlorite Generator  perfect for D-I-Y disinfection solution and sterilization.  This solution of tap water and NaCl (aq) can be reliably electrolysed to produce hydrogen. Hydrogen gas will be seen to bubble up at the cathode, and chlorine gas will bubble at the anode.  This gives the water a cloudy appearance during the Sodium Hypochlorite generation process.
Here is a great video from tearing down a Portable Disinfectant Generator for D-I-Y disinfectant solution from salt and water mixture.  If you want to see what the inside of a portable sodium hypochlorite generator looks like for reference. check it out on youtube
If you are the type that still prefers to mix bleach with water risking chemical burns and toxic smells here is the chart  you need to know to achieve the same level disinfectant at a 100-200 p.p.m. mix using bleach.
Even if you have bleach around the house or office, it’s highly suggested you make the same cleaner without hazardous chemicals (Only Salt and Water) using the D-I-Y Disinfectant Generator in just two minutes for a perfect mixture of disinfectant solution every time!