The NEW foldable DUNHOME™ handy travel carrying case and collapsible UVC disinfection bag with amazing UVC LED disinfectant properties is now available in a foldaway collapsing design allowing for the use of a safely enclosed  and powerful UV sanitation process that can be taken anywhere you need it.

The powerful 8 watt germicidal ultraviolet array of UVC LED’s is created with six 260-280 nm UVC wavelength light emitting didoes.

This three part multifaceted system of disinfection supplements the UVC LED cleaning efficiency with the addition of heat and anion to DUNHOME’s sanitizing box for enhancing the LED sterilization process by removing residual odors with negative ions, along with the inclusion of built-in heating elements (IR Radiation) to aid in speeding up the sanitation process.



  • Sanitation process used: LED UVC Light
  • 360 degree reflective surface for maximum UVC sterilization
  • 600g lightweight body, easily fits into a suitcase, good for traveling or home use.
  • Foldable foldaway, folding. collapsible storage design
  • Exquisite and practical details built into design for easy use and fast compact storage of UVC containment box assembly.

Q: How to use this Sterilizer Box?
1. Open zipper and put the bracket into the box, then place items flat on the bracket and close the zipper.
2. Power on with single tap on power button
3. After sterilization finished, a white light is displayed when ready to take your items out of the box.

Q: What should I note when use?
1. Close the zipper before use
2. Non washable, not waterproof
3. Do not soak the product in water
4. Keep away from strong magnets

Name: Foldable UVC LED Sterilization Box, Fully Collapsible UVC Disinfection Box
Color:  Gray
Material: PU/Polyester
Power: 8W
Light Bead: LED 260-280 nm
Power Supply: Plug Power/ Powerbank
Weight: About 660g
Size: 25cm * 21cm * 15cm