UVC Sanitizer Box

Foldable UVC Sterilization Box

Contaminated surfaces are everywhere. Whether you need a second line of defense, or an alternative to chemicals or liquids- This foldable and very portable UV Sterilization Box is an essential tool in protecting yourself against the invisible germs lurking on all the small objects you touch everyday.b


Multiple Usage Scenarios


The portable UVC disinfection lamp is perfect for sanitizing commonly touched items on the go. Use daily to disinfect commonly used items such as phones, toys, keyboards, laptops, and touch screens.

Portable UVC Sanitizer


When folded close it measures 5.66 in, and 10.24 inches open. The compact and light weight design is super convenient to carry in a pocket, backpack or suitcase for use while traveling on the go.

UVC Safety First

Extra thoughtful child lock avoids misuse. Built in gyroscopic sensor uses Earth’s gravity to help determine orientation to disable the UVC wand when not aiming down towards a surface for cleaning.

USB or AAA Batteries

Portable UVC light is powered by both USB charging wire or 4*AAA batteries, no matter where you’re traveling, two power options make it convenient for you to use anywhere, anytime.

UVC Light Sanitizing Bag.

Portable UVC Anti-viral Innovation

UV-C Light Sanitizing Bag. This cool new DUNHOME UV-C Light Sanitizing Bag is a folding compact bag that sanitizes small objects like cell phones, masks, eyeglasses, remotes, keys, and much more using the power of UV-C light to eliminate nasty germs, viruses, and bacteria in only 3-5 minutes.


The high energy from short wavelength UVC light is absorbed in the cellular RNA and DNA, damaging nucleic acids and preventing microorganisms from infecting and reproducing. This absorption of UVC energy forms new bonds between nucleotides, creating double bonds or “dimers.” Dimerization of molecules, particularly thymine, is the most common type of damage incurred by UVC light in microorganisms. Formation of thymine dimers in the DNA of bacteria and viruses prevents replication and ability to infect.

SANITIZE SAFELY: Chemical-free Contained UVC

DUNHOME-Collapsible-Foldable-Sterilization-Box-UVC-LED-UV-Disinfection-Case-Travel-BagCDC suggests to clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces also wash hands often in daily life. It’s vital to disinfect cell phones, glasses, keys, and other personal items for reducing the risk of infection.


Using this UVC light technology will not leave residue after treatment, and having a broad spectrum of action and rapid exposure times. The germicidal effects of UVC irradiation results in cellular damage by photohydration, photosplitting, photodimerization, and photocrosslinking, thereby inhibiting cellular replication. Today’s easy to use compact UVC technology allows us to fight the virus outside our bodies!

Start Your Friends & Family On The UV-C Non-Pharmaceutical Pandemic Prevention Plan!

UVC Wand w/Glasses


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UV-C Germicidal Spectrum

UV Lamp Accessory Package

Hospital staff know how important it is to be safe when disinfecting with potentially dangerous UV-C light. NEVER aim light at your skin or eyes! Each UVC light includes UV400 safety glasses for your added protection.

The UV Lamp Wand

Produces Your Powerful UVC

UV 400 Safety Glasses

Protects Your Eyes From UVC

UVC Test Card

Verifies Your Light Is Germicidal

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DUNHOME-Foldable-Sterilization-Box-UVC-LED-Collapsible-UV-Disinfection-Case-Travel-BagWith a press of a button, a high-energy array of UVC (ultraviolet C) light at 260-280 nm (germicidal wavelength) is emitted from 6 specialized UVC Deep LED’s. The ultraviolet light produced inside the Foldable UVC Sterilization Box destroys the molecular structure of DNA or RNA in viruses.

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